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Black Women Over Breathing is a simple concept - Black woman are important. All the black women in my life have made me a better person. Without them, I wouldn't be here. Without black women, WE wouldn't be here. 


Black Women over Breathing


Black Women over Breathing

—“There is a kind of strength that is almost frightening in black women. It’s as if a steel rod runs right through the head down to the feet”

- Maya Angelou, November 21, 1973

Imagine a world without Black women: from Edmonia Lewis and Audre Lorde, to Nina Simone and Michelle Obama, these women and those like them—our mothers, aunts, sisters, partners, and friends—are courageous, bold, ambitious, and intelligent. They fought for our lives and for our right to express as we may, to love as we do, and to exist as we are. Simply put, without Black women, we wouldn’t be breathing.

Black Women over Breathing is more than a phrase. It is a movement that pays tribute to all who are Black women-identified, including artists, civil servants, single mothers, those incarcerated, and victims of police brutality and domestic violence. Though Black women are often degraded, underpaid, and overlooked, Black Women over Breathing celebrates Black women and all they have done to better the lives of those around them.

Join us in praising Black women, past and present, and how they express BLACK WOMEN over BREATHING.

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